Alumni Support

Alumni of Leadership Seacoast are proud of their participation in the program. For those looking to support the program after graduation, we have a few suggestions!


First and foremost, we hope you’ll support and honor the mission and vision of Leadership Seacoast by continuing to serve as a leader in your community, volunteer, vote, educate, and participate. It is our hope that all graduates will forward our goal of developing a base of effective, knowledgeable, and engaged leaders.


Volunteer with Leadership Seacoast. Join the Board or join a committee or participate in a program day. If you are interested in volunteering as a board member, committee member or during one of the program days, please contact the [email href=””]Executive Director[/email].

  • Our Board is a group of dedicated, involved alumni. If you are interested in participating at this level, contact any one of the current members of the Board or the Program Director.
  • Committees such as alumni, marketing, development, and program development are always looking for new ideas. New members of these committees are always welcome.
  • Program days offer many ways for alumni to participate: help plan, help make contacts, be a speaker. Having new folks with new perspectives and new ideas join in the programming helps to keep our program fresh, vital, current, and relevant
  • Help recruit new class members. Contact the program director with suggestions.