The Leadership Seacoast Program

Founded in 1988 by a group of seacoast community members concerned about furthering engagement in the community, Leadership Seacoast is a program designed for the adult learner that creates a core awareness of community through exposure to a broad range of issues affecting the Seacoast and by presenting varied points of view on topics being studied.

Annually Leadership Seacoast accepts 30-35 individuals from local businesses and government, general community, and non-profit sectors into its six month program offering existing and future community leaders the opportunity to meet others who are actively involved in efforts that will shape the future of our region.

Through experiential learning, classroom discussion and consensus building, graduates of the program leave with an expanded awareness of effective leadership practices, a network of leaders who can support each other in building a stronger community, and a demonstration of the interconnectedness of the topics covered during the program year.

Additional benefits include opportunities to explore personal involvement in their own communities and a broad range of a broad network of resources for program alumni.

Program Description

Leadership Seacoast is one of 3,000 community leadership programs in the U.S. and follows the national design, which offers existing and future community leaders the opportunity to meet and learn from those who are actively involved with issues that will shape the future of the Seacoast.

Through its core program of interactive day-long presentations and discussion, participants learn about and analyze key issues affecting the cultural, social, political and economic lives of Seacoast residents. Class participation, shared knowledge, expertise and personal perspectives are important components of the well-rounded curriculum.