Leadership Seacoast Welcomes Program Year Sponsor

Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. Donates $1,200

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., March, 2011 – Leadership Seacoast, a non-profit organization that positively impacts Seacoast communities through the development of knowledgeable leaders, proudly announced Wheelabrator Technologies Inc., has recently donated $1,200 to the leadership organization. The sponsorship will provide on-going support for the 2011 program year which started in January and ends in June 2011.

Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. prides its self on being a world leader in the secure and environmentally sound conversion of municipal solid waste- along with other renewable waste fuels- into clean energy. Their reputation has been build and solidified through accolades and accomplishments over their three and a half decades. Wheelabrator has always held its commitment to its surrounding communities has a high priority.

Wheelabrator is dedicated to being a positive force in each community its facilities are located by actively participating and contributing to local activities and programs. As a community partner, Wheelabrator believes its social responsibility begins with the communities our employees live and serve “Wheelabrator understands what it means to be an active and contributing member of the community,” said Jennifer Wheeler, Executive Director of Leadership Seacoast. “The company is committed to the developing awareness around the issues through educational programs like ours—we are so grateful for its support.”

Through its core program of interactive day-long presentations and discussion, Leadership Seacoast participants learn about and analyze key issues affecting the cultural, social, political and economic lives of Seacoast residents. Class participation, shared knowledge, expertise and personal perspectives are important components of the well-rounded curriculum.