All in the Family
by Jen Meister

Whether it’s meeting with alumni or understanding how the Seacoast works, connections are among the main takeaways of Leadership Seacoast. But did you realize there’s a “family connection” as well? Family connections among Leadership Seacoast alums are testament to the program’s overall worth.

Tim (LS’ 05) and Nancy (LS ’10) Bassett share that connection. When Tim discussed his class day’s activities, Nancy said she’d never seen him so excited or animated. It wasn’t just him, either; everyone she spoke to about the program was equally positive. Tim says, “I told Nancy that Seacoast Leadership was one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve participated in as a professional. It allows a deeper understanding of areas of business in a very personal way, tying it into the fabric of the community in which you live. It was an outstanding opportunity to meet new people both personally and professionally.”

As  Nancy went through the program, Tim allowed her to have her own “ah ha” moments (he didn’t even warn her about jail food!). As LS graduates, they have more meaningful conversations about their communities, making conscious changes to get involved with local affairs.

Tim sums it up, “We’re much more plugged into what’s happening, why, and how we can help.  We’ve  expanded our ‘social’ network; you’re always bumping into graduates that are doing things you  may be able to get involved with.”

Denise Dixon (LS ‘11) influenced her husband, Frank, to consider becoming a member of Leadership Seacoast’s 2012 class, after participating in the first program day at the Brown Center. When Denise came home tired, bruised and limping, she couldn’t stop talking about her day. For Denise, the day’s most powerful moment was during one of the outdoor challenges. She felt a collective “physical power of positive wishes” from the class willing her to complete the challenge, a profound experience that led her to stay up discussing it with Frank late into the evening.

Both Denise and Frank appreciate the leadership skills that can be developed through Leadership Seacoast as well as the ability to inspire others. “What I’m really looking forward to is being around people who are enthusiastic about what they do,” says Frank. “I like to be around people who inspire me and I want to be connected to a creative energy source that can positively effect change.”