The NH Center for Public Policy Studies recently published Measuring New Hampshire in 2013, a series of graphs that illustrate some of the challenge facing state policymakers this year.

The New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies is an independent, nonpartisan, organization that pursues data-based research on public policy matters, develops options, informs policy makers and advises them about choices for action. The Center’s mission is “to raise new ideas and improve policy debates through quality information and analysis on issues shaping New Hampshire’s future.”


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I refer to the organization often for its quality research and thorough communication of the issues facing our state.

Its Measuring New Hampshire in 2013 report raises some thought provoking questions on public policy issues that could impact the region and our state in the areas of healthcare, public education, the economy and others.

Two in particular caught my eye:

  • The trend of population growth which saw net inflows over the previous four decades has reversed, with more people are moving out of the state than in. Those periods of population growth triggered higher education levels, increases in personal income and higher economic productivity for the state. The report asks: What steps can policymakers take in 2013 to address this slow-down in economic and population growth? Or is such growth even desirable?”
  • The makeup of the NH House of Representatives has flipped. Democrats “more than doubled their number of seats in that chamber, giving them a solid majority. Republicans continue to hold a majority in the Senate, and this division in partisan control will make for interesting negotiations on a wide range of policy issues, most notably the state budget. How will the two parties’ leaders navigate this new balance of power, and what will it mean for public policy?”

Check out this analytical illustrative perspective on the important challenges facing our state this year. It may change the way you think about these critical topics. Let us know what you think.

Jennifer Wheeler

Executive Director, Leadership Seacoast