Dover, New Hampshire, June 13, 2017 – Leadership Seacoast, an organization committed to developing informed and active community leaders, recently hosted Justice Day sponsored by Professional Associations of McLane Middleton and Shaheen and Gordon . The 8th day of the Leadership Seacoast experiential program was held at the Strafford County Complex in Dover, New Hampshire.

Upon arrival, Judge Tina Nadeau, Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Superior Court, gave the 39-member class a brief overview of criminal data and trends from the Seacoast area. Following Nadeau’s presentation, the group was then guided to the Strafford County Drug and Mental Health Court where they participated in a discussion led by three executives of the court, Chris Gowell, Director, Strafford County Drug Court, Carrie Conway, Criminal Justice Programming Coordinator, and Blair Rowlett, Director, Mental Health Court. In this discussion, the group was educated on the interconnectedness of social issues and mental health and substance abuse on the criminal justice system. Gowell wrapped up the discussion on alternative sentence options for people who struggle with addiction and whose mental and physical health suffers as a result.

The group wrapped up the day with a tour of the local prison, led by Raymond F. Bower, a Strafford County Administrator. The class had lunch and spoke with some of the inmates. “The afternoon was an intense, emotional and eye-opening experience that left a lasting impression on the class, said Jennifer Wheeler, Executive Director of Leadership Seacoast.

Thanks to the unconditional support of local business such as McLane Middleton Professional Association and Shaheen Gordon Professional Association, Leadership Seacoast can secure the best venues and speakers to help members discover the issues, create connections and inspire action. For more information about Leadership Seacoast, go to or contact Jennifer Wheeler at 603-334-6063 or


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Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the Leadership Seacoast program provides existing and future community leaders the opportunity to engage with the people and organizations that shape the Seacoast’s economic structure and social fabric. Leadership Seacoast offers its participants unique insight into how business, community, and politics integrate to create successful societies and how small actions can have a significant impact on the greater global good. Leadership Seacoast alumni make a difference in their communities through networking, active involvement, and personal action. Since its inception in 1988, Leadership Seacoast has created a strong foundation that values diversity of opinion and consensus building to find solutions to challenges affecting the Seacoast’s community and its future. For more information about our programs please contact us at or check out our website at