Some of you may be aware that we have had a group page for a few years, but it was an open group and many of the members were not graduates of our program. The 2013 Leadership Seacoast class strongly encouraged us to create a special place for alumni to communicate with other graduates, and our LinkedIn closed group page is now able to effectively serve as this private forum.

The purpose of our alumni page is to engage our graduates in a meaningful way by continuing to inform, connect, and inspire. We invite all of our alumni to participate actively on this page by:

  • Sharing topics and challenges facing the Seacoast;
  • Inviting other alumni to network and connect either live or online;
  • Providing information that will inspire fellow graduates to get involved in the Seacoast;
  • Posting for board, volunteer, and even paid positions in the “Jobs” area; and
  • Using the “Promotions” area to share fundraising events.

Additionally, Leadership Seacoast will use this forum to share leadership trends along with organizational news and events. Please continue to keep up with Leadership Seacoast on Facebook and on our website, and feel free to contact Jen with any questions. We look forward to getting some healthy conversations started and re-engaging all of our wonderful alumni who have been a part of Leadership Seacoast’s 25-year history.

Join the alumni group on LinkedIn now.