By Jeffrey Cooper, Portsmouth Listens Phase 2 Steering Committee
Last year, many of you participated in our Sustainable Transportation Dialogue. We’re writing about an exciting chance to follow up by delivering policy solutions for our community.

Phase 1 of the Sustainable Transportation Dialogue focused on the components of a sustainable transportation system for Portsmouth. When the conclusions and recommendations were presented to the City Council, they asked Portsmouth Listens to identify communities similar to Portsmouth and with similar challenges and to find out how they not only address transportation issues, but how they fund them.

The purpose of this next phase is to conduct the research and present information and recommendations to the new City Council. The Steering Committee for this project has identified a list of communities across the country that are potential peer communities to research. Each study group will choose 2 – 4 communities from the list, and with a Study Guide, will conduct both primary and secondary research to find out all they can. (Each group will also have the opportunity to extend their research to include other, similar communities.) The City has been very supportive of Phase 2 and expect the information produced by Phase 2 will be very helpful in meeting community challenges related to sustainable transportation.

Portsmouth Listens will begin a second phase of work on transportation, starting with a kickoff January 15, 2014 at 7 p.m. in the Portsmouth High School Library.

We’re writing to invite you to be part of this research project by signing up at

Once you sign up, we will send you a study guide and information for the kickoff January 15. At the kickoff, we will form teams and each team will pick at least three communities to study from a list you will find in the study guide. The Phase 2 research teams will then meet, research, and deliberate from January through March, and report to the city council.

Our 2013 Transportation Dialogue helped elevate discussion from just downtown parking to a sustainable transportation system integrated with Portsmouth’s future land use. By volunteering to work together with other Portsmouth residents in Phase II, as a citizen, you can give meaningful input into Portsmouth’s sustainable transportation future. City staff and council are empowering Portsmouth Listens to gather ideas from around the U.S. You can help make Portsmouth’s transportation system the best way to get into, out of and around Portsmouth for everyone who wants to live, work or play here.

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Portsmouth Listens Phase 2 Steering Committee

Jeff Cooper, Robin Leblanc, Jim Noucas, John Tabor

Bill Lyons, Paul Mannle, Sherry Brandsema