On a recent visit to Cape Cod with my family, my girls started throwing rocks into the water.  This simple childhood activity is always a good reminder of the often quoted ‘ripple effect’, which represents the impact one small pebble can have on its larger environment.

I thought of this analogy as we prepare to graduate our 24th Leadership Seacoast class- 35 newbies join over 700 alumni who discover the issues, create connections, and inspire action. What is the ripple effect of these 700 alum, now pebbles scattered throughout the Seacoast region? How did Leadership Seacoast impact where and how they were ‘dropped?’

As we prepare to enter our 25th year, and gear up for the 25th celebration of the first Leadership Seacoast class in 1988, we are asking the question: “What impact has Leadership Seacoast had on the region?”

To answer that question, we look to our alumni and ask you: how have you made a difference in your community?  Over the next year, we will be sharing your stories and highlighting “25 Ways Leadership Seacoast Alumni Have Impacted the Seacoast.”

What’s your story?  Please share it with us by emailing director@leadershipseacoast.org.